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Latest Accomplishment: We have created the largest magnitude JV between the strongest Turkish Contractor and one of the most powerful group in Qatar to handle multibillion usd contracting projects in the area.

Description: Experienced Turkish Hotel Renovation & Decoration Company with 57 references in different countries awarded a Hotel renovation project in Algeria.
Problem: Due to their financial difficulties they cannot issue BGLs, since their financial partner was not able to..
Solution: We found them financial partner who can issue the BGLs , so that they can get the project.

Description: Qatar is an industrializing Emirate in Gulf and always requires investors from abroad with management and production know-how to become a business partner of a local Qatari company.
Problem: There are unique rules & regulations in each country and for each investment models which may be difficult to understand and evaluate for those who does not have deep knowledge.
Solution: We close the gap of this lack of knowledge, connections and deal making capability in a foreign state.

Description: Algeria, one of the Northern African countries, investing in infrastructure, roads, social housing etc. The largest Algerian Road Construction Company who is about win the tender, is looking for a strategic international partner.
Problem: This Algerian company has no know-how on art works of a road construction project. Inquired for a partner, specialized artworks engineering solution with machinery and man power.
Solution: We came up with a right partner not only they are awarded road construction projects but they have also gotten different type of projects with partner references and their ability to get the projects.
Later on, in the same country thru different channels we had facilitated hotel renovation and building construction projects of 150mil Euro.
Also, upon a request of an Asian JV, we provided the subcontractor to realize the road construction project in Algeria. It was 500 mil Euro project which did not go through because of government decision.

Description: One of the largest Turkish Developer/Contractor with Developments and Constructions in several countries in distressed situation.
Problem: Due to economical crisis they could not sell their development with the speed they wanted to. Moreover, they had very old management (mainly partners of the company) and no success plan for the future management.
Solution: I have been approached by the Chairman Of The Board and asked to find a strategic buyer. The number of the potential acquirers were very limited for a deal in this scale. However, we found out a potential buyer in a very short period of time. Within 4 years time, the sides got into an agreement and the $700m deal was closed successfully.

Description: Factory manufacturing lines, conveyor systems and their automation sometimes are expensive and might be complex.
Problem: Hazelnut Processing Company and one of the worlds largest detergent manufacturing company had mutual problems, due to nature of the products they handle during the manufacturing process.
Solution: None of the European companies was able to come up with a solution for these manufacturers’ problem. We did. The company we chose for our client not only solved these problems, eventually, it became a supplier of conveyor and automation systems for the top 300 major Turkish industrial companies, providing 30-50% cheaper product than other alternative sources.

Description: In one of the oil producing countries, the landscaping was a problem because of the nature of the soil which is mixed with oil.
Problem: Because of the quality of the soil, it was impossible to have grow grass, plants, etc. for more than 4-6 months, especially in the cities.
Solution: We found a Landscaping Company in collaboration with Italian Universities which have experts on the field found out a solution to keep the gardens and the parks green almost for 5 years.

Description: Recent years , because of uprising political. economical, and social discomfort in Turkey, Local investors started looking for safe and creative solutions for their future investments.
Problem: Investors from Turkey reached us to protect their investment against the devaluation of Turkish Lira and also wanted to get steady income for their cash.
Solution: We advised them to invest their money in Commercial Real Estate in the US which will generate steady income. As a result, they didn’t only get steady positive cash flow from their investment, they are also benefited from the appreciation of the property values in the US during the years significantly since the financial crisis.

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