Ali Kazim Emre

Mr. Emre is the founder of Lekx Consultancy with extensive international work experience of 27 years, involved with so many projects in very tough markets like Russia, Algeria, Turkey, Iraq and Qatar. At the beginning of his business development and consultancy business years in those geographies, the markets were highly unstable, not transparent and very politicized. Despite all the difficulties, he was able to generate businesses for many clients and he was also able to find out the right business partners for the most challenging projects in those emerging markets. Studied Economics. Speaks Turkish, English, Russian, French. Enjoys Sailing, Cycling, Tennis, Basketball

Lived and worked in Russia, 1990-2000
Experience in Algeria, 2003-2005
Experience in Iraq, 2009-2013
Experience in Qatar, 2012-2016

Knowledge changes the way you judge
and approach the issues

We care deeply about our clients. We enjoy our work and we have fun doing it.

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